Reviews: VERDI Requiem

“Soprano Joyce El-Khoury’s dramatic delivery had me on the edge of my seat for her singing of the” Libera Me,” in which not just her beautiful voice but her whole body gave meaning to the words.” -Philippa Kiraly, CityArtsOnline, full review

“Jenkins was responsible for the choice of soloists for this performance, and his expertise had produced a team of remarkably fine quality. The two women in particular, Joyce El-Khouri and Tamara Mumford, were not only individually superb in tone and technique, but their voices blended to a degree I have rarely experienced.” -Bernard Jacobson, Seen and Heard International, full review

+ a preview piece:

“The demanding soprano part goes to Canadian Joyce El-Khoury, described in a recent profile in Opera Canada magazine as “the proverbial complete package — great voice, great looks and a great stage presence. “The soprano part is important, Jenkins explains, because of the closing “Libera Me” (“Deliver Me”) section that sums up the spirit of the whole piece.

“I don’t think there’s anything Verdi ever wrote that is more challenging for the soprano, because you’ve got to do everything. You’ve got to float an A. You’ve got to sing a high C. You’ve got to sing low notes. And you’ve got to make it all expressive. … I’m very excited to hear Miss El-Khoury sing this.”” -Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times, full article.