Joyce’s Juliet is “simply incredible”

Joyce played the role of Juliet in Austin Opera’s production (January 24, 29; February 1). Click here to view casting details from the production.

“Playing the role of Juliet, soprano Joyce El-Khoury was simply incredible…her exquisite color and powerful range were equally matched by her acting throughout the story. The soprano’s young, lovely features not only “looked the part”, but her authenticity within the role was incredible. There was honesty in her growth from the naïve and pure girl to the passionately determined (and ultimately doomed) bride. During her aria, “Je veux vivre”, Ms. El-Khoury maintained her poise and professionalism as a medical emergency on the second floor balcony occurred (which received a quick response by AO staff) and handled the difficult passages with ease and brilliant nuance. Her most impressive moments took place during acts four and five, in which she proved her brilliant vocal power and character depth. Her passionate performance of “Amour, ranime mon courage” was breathtaking.”
-BWW Review, full review here.

“One of the delightful characteristics of Gounod’s “Romeo and Juliet” is that it gives Juliet some time to shine, and here our Juliet gleams brightly thanks to the performance by Joyce El-Khoury. El-Khourny plays the role as a kind of celebration of the joys of youth, full of awkwardness and innocence, but also bursting with youthful exuberance, giving her scenes a vibrancy and honesty that make them true highlights, in particular her joyful song after the grad fete in Act I.”, full review here.

“It’s the youthful chemistry of Joyce El-Khoury and Stephen Costello that wins the day. Their sensitive singing and strong acting carry us to the end”
-Austin360, full review here.

*Lynn Lane Photography